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Second-Trimester Program Application Period Opens June 1st and Closes Sept 1st

Apply online beginning June 1st through September 1st. All documents must be received by no later than September 5th. This Application Period if for those applicants who have completed a Nursing Fundamentals in another program with a 'C+' or higher within the past 2 Years of application ...
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Information About MSWSPN

Finger Lakes Health is home to the Marion S. Whelan School of Practical Nursing (MSWSPN), which offers an LPN certificate. We are one of only three hospital-based nursing programs in New York State. Founded in 1956, we have graduated over 1,800 nurses. MSWSPN offers a program that is beneficial to ...
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Admissions Announcements

Applying to more than one program If you are interested in applying to more than one program such as our RN program go to FLHCON.edu within the same term you will be required to fill out an application for each program. You will also be required to pay the fee ...
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Second Trimester Application Period Opens on June 1st and Closes on September 1st

Application Period for Second Trimester Admissions Period opens on June 1st and will close on September 1st. This option is available to applicants who have completed Nursing Fundamentals from another program with a grade of 'C+' or higher within the past 2 years of application date. All documents must be ...
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