All Nursing Courses (NSG I, NSG II, NSG III) are taken on Campus or in the Nursing Skills Lab. Gen Ed or Liberal Arts Courses with and Asterisk * have to be taken at a Local College or Online Program such as Portage Learning at

Hours of Instructional Practice – Clock Hours

Trimester I  
NumberCourse NameClock Hours
NSG INursing I60
NSG ICNursing I Clinical130
NSG I LNursing I Lab35
BIO151*Human Anatomy and Physiology I90*
ENG101*PSY101*Freshman English CompositionIntro to Psychology45*45*
Total Clock Hours 405
Trimester II  
NumberCourse NameClock Hours
NSG IINursing II75
NSG II CNursing II Clinical180
NSG II LNursing II Lab30
BIO152*Human Anatomy and Physiology II90*
PSY140*Developmental Lifespan Psychology45*
Total Clock Hours 420
Trimester III  
NumberCourse NameClock Hours
NSG IIINursing III75
NSG III CNursing III Clinical180
NSG III LNursing III Lab0
Total Clock Hours 255
*These College credits are taught by the Finger Lakes Community College (or other local community college) when completed during the program year if you need to take the General Education (Liberal Arts) Courses not offered at the school.  Liberal Arts and Science courses are graded according to the Finger Lakes Community College Grading Policy. A final grade of “C” or above in the liberal arts is required to continue in the MSW program.

All Nursing Science Courses require a grade of “C+” or above.

Transfer Credits
Accepted applicants are able transfer credit to MSW for Liberal Arts and Sciences courses completed with a “C” or better