Refund Policy, Requirements for Withdrawl, and Return of Title IV, HEA Financial Aid

Policy on withdrawal from courses is located in the Student Handbook. Students should contact their academic advisor with questions about the academic impact of their withdrawal and the Financial Aid Counselor about the impact on their financial aid.

Tuition and Fee Refund Policy: Students who formally withdraw from the school receive a pro rata refund during the first 10 days of the semester/payment period. No reduction on tuition and fees are granted after 10 days into the semester/payment period. The refund tables can be viewed in Student Financial Services Handbook.

Financial Aid and the Refund Policy: Students who receive financial aid, complete registration, and subsequently reduce his/her enrollment status or withdraw are subject to the federal and state refunds and repayments regulations. Student Financial Services determines if students who completely withdraw during a semester have earned the money disbursed or owe a repayment. A summary of the Financial Aid and Refund Policy available from the Financial Aid Counselor or in the Student Financial Services Handbook.