MSWSPN Class of 2024

Marion S. Whelan School of Practical Nursing (MSWSPN) offers a program that is beneficial to the learner seeking a career as a license practical nurse. This PN Program is a 1,080 clock-hour program, awarding graduates with a Certificate of Practical Nursing. Graduates are fully prepared to take their NCLEX exam for licensure. All interested students should review this entire page before applying.

Application Requirements

Full LPN Program
(August Start)
- High School Transcript or Diploma, or GED
- Proof of Completion of Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab. Must have been completed with a final grade of 'C' or higher within 5 years prior to application
Direct-From-High School Option (August Start)- Must apply during Senior year of High School
- High School Transcript showing final grade of C or higher in Biology
Second Trimester LPN Program (November Start)- Proof of completion of Nursing Fundamentals elsewhere within 2 years of application and a final grade of 'C+' or higher
- High School Transcript or Diploma, or GED
- Proof of Completion of Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab. Must have been completed with a final grade of 'C' or higher within 5 years prior to application


  • Apply online during the appropriate application period.
    • Watch your email for confirmation of your application. This may end up in your Spam folder, so be sure to check there if you do not see it.
  • Pay the $50.00 Application fee online when you apply to the program.
    • After submitting your application fee, be sure to return to your application to complete the final submission.
  • Submit all application requirements as soon as possible, but by the final date of the application period at the latest.
    • Transcripts should show all college coursework that you have completed and may be currently enrolled in. To transfer in, all courses must have a final grade of ‘C’ or higher.
    • Nursing ABC Online courses are not accepted, as they are not college credit bearing.
    • To see our required General Education courses and their Course Descriptions, review the General Education Course Requirements Document: General Education Course Requirements for Graduation

Once you Apply:

    • Your application will be reviewed using the MSWSPN Practical Nursing Ranking Sheet.
    • Admission will be offered to qualified applicants with the highest number of admission points from the Ranking Sheet.
      • Note: Acceptance is based on ranking points and seat availability.
    • Applicants who do not receive an offer of acceptance are encouraged to contact the school to discuss an academic plan for future application consideration.


Apply Now!



The MSWSPN/FLHCON 1+1 Program is only available to currently enrolled Marion S. Whelan College of Practical Nursing students. There are two options available for enrollment in the 1+1 program:

      1. Successful completion of the challenge exam, with a grade of ‘C’ (77%) or higher.
      2. Completion of the MSWSPN program with a GPA of 85% or greater in core nursing courses; NSG I, NSG II, and NSG III; and a satisfactory grade in all clinical components of the MSWSPN program


How to Apply for the 1+1 Program

Once you are enrolled in the LPN program, have started classes, and have been made aware that it is time to start this application if you are interested, the steps are as follows:

      • File a Traditional RN Application for Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing & Health Sciences (FLHCON) admission at the FLHCON website.
      • Meet all application requirements by the published application deadline date.
      • Note: Admission to FLHCON Registered Nurse Program is also dependent on the availability of NS III slots in the program.


Core Performance Standards for Admission and Progression

Nursing is a practice discipline with cognitive, sensory, affective, and psychomotor performance requirements. For admission and progression, the following core performance standards must be performed independently:  Core Performance Standards for Nursing Document

If you are unable to meet one or more of these standards without accommodations or modifications, you may request reasonable assistance from Disability Services. Through an interactive process, Disability Services will make a case-by-case determination. Recent documentation (within 3 years) is required.


Thank you for your interest in our program.

We welcome your call or email if you have any further questions or need clarification and assistance. You may reach our Student Admissions Specialist, Nathan Dingy, via call at 315-787-4003, or email at

FLHCON/MSWSPN – Student Admissions Department

196 North Street
Geneva, NY 14456

Phone: 315-787-4003
           Fax: 315-787-4275